A dish of “risotto” from Lake Como that conquered the taste of Queen Elizabeth II

By 21 February 2017Magazine
Risotto by Enrico Derflingher

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Queen Victoria…not only the queen but also a risotto, a masterpiece by a prestigious chef. What makes it so important? Well, it was presented for the first time in the occasion of the first meeting between Ronald Reagan and Michail Gorbačëv at the end of the Cold War, at the presence of heads of state and royals. And that’s not all: Queen Elizabeth II in person said she has just eaten the best risotto in her life!




Which chef are we talking about? Chef Enrico Derflingher, who was born in Lecco, Lake Como, and is, nowadays, one of the most renowned Italian chefs in the world.

Grown up in the main Michelin-rated restaurants, at 25 he was chosen as the personal chef of Charles and Diana, bringing the Italian cuisine to Buckingham Palace. So, he became the first and only Italian ever to be employed as Personal Chef to the British Royal Family after a long tradition of French cuisine. Then he literally crossed the ocean to arrive directly to the White House: there, he cooked each Sunday meat, pasta, lasagne, cannelloni and ravioli for George W. Bush Snr. and family, mixing up perfectly the Italian taste and ingredients with the American ones.

He was nominated four times among the top ten chefs for the “Five Star Diamond Award” as “One of the World’s Best Chefs”, he worked in Rome, St. Moritz and Japan (there he opened and managed more than thirty Italian restaurants, including the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo). He cooked at the official opening ceremonies at the Beijing and London Olympics and has also represented Italy at two G8s and the G20.

He also won several prizes and awards and now he is ready to come back to his roots: he will be by the side of Massimiliano Mandozzi at CastaDiva Resort, in Blevio.

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