Matteo and Clotilde: elegant, beautiful and discreet, the two feathered stars of Lake Como

“When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como” Franz Liszt

Matteo and ClotildeThat’s exactly a love story the one we are telling you about…the love story between Matteo and Clotilde, the new stars of Lake Como. No, they are not Hollywood stars but two marvelous and elegant swans, characterized by white, soft plumage, a lofty beauty and a long, limber neck.

They were given this names by the taxi boats drivers Tasell and in 2014 for the first time they decided to crown their love building their nest just exactly in front of Piazza Cavour, one of the main squares of Como.

Since then, they meet themselves each year at the beginning of Spring to build their nest, twig by twig, and lay their eggs. Day by day, they have become a real attraction for all the tourists in Como: when walking along the lakefront, indeed, is impossible not to see groups of people taking photos to the tender couple.

Mother Clotilde is brooding with love their 5 eggs, while father Matteo is standing guard on his sweetheart and the nest.Matteo and Clotilde_1

Unfortunately, last year and two years ago, due to continuous rain, the lake flooded and the nest and all the eggs were destroyed. So, there was no happy ending for Matteo and Clotilde and people who heard them remembers their lament, a gloomy and painful soundsomeone even says that tears came streaming from their big black eyes!

So, this year locals and tourists are waiting with bated breath….hoping that there will be happy ending!Matteo and Clotilde_2


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