Festa dei crotti

By 26 September 2017
8 October 2017 @ 17:30
22031 Albavilla
Province of Como

Created with the aim of promoting the crotti (natural caves where culinary traditions are reproduced with love and passion) of Albavilla. 9 of them will be opened to the public:

  • crotto Roscio, via Roscio
  • crott dal Murnèe, via Roscio 16
  • crott dal Senza Capell, via Magenta 30
  • crott dalla Cuperativa-Fous, via Foce 10
  • crott di Cioca, via Foce 8
  • crott dai Cichinela, via ai Monti
  • crotto dal Vitùr, via ai Crotti
  • crott di Alpini, via panoramica 47
  • crott dal Boeucc

In all of them you can taste and buy typical products and you can also eat something at the food court at Piazza Mercato. You can also find vintage market, garage sales and handicrafts market.

On Saturdays from 5.30 p.m. (dinner from 7 p.m.), on Sundays from 9 a.m. (lunch from midday, dinner from 7 p.m.)

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