Federico Barbarossa and the noble Adamo del Pero: a bond which saved the city of Como

By 6 September 2016Magazine

It was the far Middle Age; Milan had a very strong power and wanted to conquer a wide territory. Como, however, asked them to pay a conspicuous fee to pass the Alps and the lake…the Emperor Enrico IV, so, decided to name Landolfo da Carcano, from Milan, as the Bishop of Como, in order to enslave the city. The people of Como, obviously, did not accept this and, in 1117 two noble men from Como, Adamo del Pero and Gaudenzio de’ Fontanelli, guided a group of soldiers up to the castle of Agno, where the Bishop stayed, and raped him. It was the straw that breaks the camel’s back: Milan declared war to Como. The war ended in 1127, when the soldiers of Milan managed to enter the city of Como and destroy it.

Federico Barbarossa1159 is a very important year for Como: The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Federico Barbarossa, visited the city in order to free it from Milan’s domination. The people was all cheering for him: they organized tourneys, celebrations, music and dances and the citizens gave him the keys of the city, and his wife Beatrice di Borgogna a silver plate as a gift. He ordered the reconstruction of the walls of the city, of the Medieval doors and of the Castello Baradello…Como was rebirth! Federico Barbarossa and the keys of Como






Adamo del Pero being named knight of the BarbarossaDo you remember the noble Adamo del Pero? Well, the Emperor accepted to name him as Medieval knight; it was a very special moment for the city, since, with the help of the Barbarossa, it managed to have its moment of glory: the powerful Milan was besieged and destroyed in 1162; the same fate happened to the Isola Comacina (which was allied with Milan): it was completely burned down and cursed in 1169.



The city was so grateful to Adamo del Pero who, together with the other soldiers, contributed to free Como from Milan, that a via was given his name.Via Adamo del Pero_knight of the Barbarossa

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