From the Grand Tour to Hollywood stars: Lake Como is more and more popular all over the world!

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It was 1790 and William Wordsworth reached Lake Como for the Grand Tour, wanting something new. Three years later, he published Descriptive Sketches where he described our lake’s scenery as an amorous place, with sparkling eyes and breaking smiles.

lake como descriptive sketchesAND, Como! thou, a treasure whom the earth

keeps to herself

Lake Como, indeed, has always been an ideal spot for artists, writers, aristocrats and famous people, thanks to its unique charm and wonderful, lavish villas. More and more Hollywood stars and famous people choose Lake Como to spend some days far from the hustle and bustle; to celebrate their wedding or to buy home:George Clooney Villa Oleandra Laglio

  • George Clooney: he was one of the first American stars to fall in love with Lake Como. He visited Lake Como for the first time during breaks between films and he was enchanted by the Italian lifestyle, suggestive landscapes and marvelous villas with gardens overlooking the light-blue lake.
  • Tom Cruise: he was invited by George Clooney to spend time on Lake Como, more precisely in Villa Oleandra.
  • Brad Pitt: he enjoyed Lake Como during Ocean’s Twelve shoot and he could not resist George Clooney’s invitation. Angelina also appreciated.
  • Matt Damon: he spent time in George Clooney’s home together with his wife and their children.
  • Cindy Crawford: she visited George Clooney with her husband Rande Gerber. They had a boat ride to appreciate our wonderful lake.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones: she visited Lake Como several times. First, she posed for Versace’s Italian Maison and spent a few days in their wonderful villa in Moltrasio. Then she visited George Clooney with her husband Michael Douglas.
  • Julia Roberts: she took her family out for a day of fun on Lake Como. It was the best opportunity to enjoy our charming panoramas and of course Clooney’s fascinating wife, Amal.lake como villa oleandra
  • Gianni Versace: he was an admirer of Lake Como. He lived for several years in Villa Fontanelle, a neoclassical family home and property of his family, in Moltrasio.
  • Madonna: in 2005, she became the face of Versaces fashion campaign and posed as an elegant and strong woman. During this partnership, she asked to use Villa Fontanelle, in Moltrasio, whenever she wanted.
  • Michael Schumacher: in 2005 he bought Villa Cassinella, situated in Lenno, one of the most panoramic and scenic locations on Lake Como. He could not forget the tranquility and harmony of a location that could be reached only by boat or by walking from Passo del Lavedo.
  • Shakira and Piqué: in 2011, they chose Lake Como for a romantic elope and spent two days in Cernobbio.
  • Jennifer Lopez: in 2001 she spent her honeymoon on Lake Como, in Villa Fontanelle.
  • Richard Gere: he was invited in 2005 by Andriy Shevchenko to his house in Blevio
  • Robert De Niro: he chooses Lake Como every year to spend some days with his family.
  • Liam Gallagher: the singer spent several weeks at Villa d’Este with his wife.
  • Matthew Bellamy: he lived for several years on Lake Como with his girlfriend and he recorded the album “The Resistance”
  • Avril Lavigne: in 2008, he spent some time in Como with her husband and her band during a break from the tour.
  • Anthony Hopkins: he spent time going shopping and having a stroll in Cernobbio
  • Bruce Springsteen: he went several times to Lake Como with her wife and daughter to relax and go shopping in Como
  • Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: last summer, they arrived to Tremezzo aboard a black and white Rolls Royce to spend a romantic night.
  • John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: they got married in 2013 at Villa Pizzo, Cernobbio. Then they came back on Lake Como to celebrate their 3rd wedding-anniversary.
  • Mariah Carey: he spent a day at Villa Passalacqua, Moltrasio, making rehearsals for her tour.
  • Mark Zuckerberg: he took part to a wedding on Lake Como with his wife.
  • Álvaro Soler: the singer spent some hours in Como last winter. He visited the cathedral and bought a typical cheese from Lake Como.
    Photo by Instagram: @alvarosolermusic

    Photo by Instagram: @alvarosolermusic

  • Lindsay Lohan: in 2012 she posed for a Philipp Plein’s campaign in Bellagio
  • Lionel Messi: in 2014 he bought a villa on Lake Como
  • Emily Blunt and John Krasinki: they got married in 2010 at the lavish Villa d’Este, on the shores of Lake Como.
  • Robbie Williams: in 2014, he was the guest star at the marriage of Julia Blavatnik and he made a concert in Bellagio only for the guests.

Thanks to all the celebrities spending their time on Lake Como, it has become more and more an international, refined destination.

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