Dark, hot, scented, tasteful and especially…produced near Lake Como: happy 80th birthday, Caffè Milani!

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This year is Caffè Milani 80th  birthday.

“To those who do not just drink a coffee quickly, but take their time to really taste and savor it. To them we dedicate our labors and with them we share our secrets and our passion.” Pierluigi Milani

From a small workshop, which emanated magical aromas through the streets in the historic city center of Como, to a modern factory where past and future meet and blend to obtain high-quality products. Caffè Milani was born in 1937, thanks to the passion of the actual owner’s father, and nowadays has 80 years of activity and experience on importing and roasting coffee.

The careful selection of the best varieties, directly imported from their places of origin, the skillful in roasting and blending procedures and the constant control on each production stage, give this coffee impassable scent and body, which are peculiar characteristics of the real Italian Espresso.


© caffemilani.it

© caffemilani.it

It was 1937, and in the historic center of Como was impossible to resist the charm of coffee’s scent coming from a workshop. We are talking about Celestino Milani’s workshop, where was a small coffee bar and a discontinuous roaster producing high-quality coffee. Not far from the breathtaking view of Lake Como, the workshop soon became a popular destination: residents went there to have a pleasant break and tourists to seek a good, authentic, Italian-style coffee. Celestino’s coffee soon became a landmark throughout and beyond, and the reason for this well-deserved success is very simple: Celestino’s endless passion.

This passion was expressed, day by day, through the careful selection of the finest coffee varieties (directly imported from its origin places), through the meticulous attention to roasting and, of course, to the skillful blending. That is why Celestino soon became a real “Master roaster”, among the most attentive and competent of his time. Unavoidably, this endless passion involved even his youngest son, Pierluigi. Celestino taught him the secrets of roasting and the blend recipes, a precious treasure that he has jealously kept until today.

In the following years, Pierluigi Milani continued to transfer to the company in Lipomo the extreme attention to the production process that his father had taught him.


  1. HISTORY: History means family, wisdom and culture; culture of a profession that has been developing and evolving year by year. Neither school nor any other learning methodology can compete with this: years and years of passion, transmitted from father to son have create such a unique and special roasting style.
  2. HEART: Heart means pure love.  Heart means caring for the product, following and cuddling it, getting passionate by its growth. That’s a passion which arises spontaneously in people’s heart and which is not for sale: either you have it or you will never have it. Heart is the heart Milani has always had for coffee.
  3. STRENGTH: Milani believes that its strength, as well as its determination can be found in its coffee. That’s the energy used in the years by Milani to reach specific goals and which will be the key to keep going on. That’s the courage to go ahead.
  4. SOUL: The soul of coffee is its core, it’s something which goes beyond the bean. Is the emotion it recalls, is fascinating scent, is that element which converts the coffee cup into a unique experience. Milani has always wanted to respect the deepest soul of the coffee.
  5. IDEAS: Milani has never been afraid of new ideas. Indeed, they have always welcomed them and looked for them. Because ideas can change the world: ideas to follow and forestall customers’ tastes; ideas to ride new technologies respecting the past and choosing the best for the future.
  6. HARMONY: Harmony is all in a blend; harmony is the perfect marriage between strength and softness, as well as the balance in life. Finding the perfect balance is a difficult art, but Milani has achieved to understand and manage it wisely, to always be in harmony with customers.
  7. CHARACTER: a coffee of character has a strong personality which distinguish it from the others. Each Milani blend has a different character and it is also appreciated for that. Because…coffee is like a friend, something unique and irreplaceable which gives you the right thing at the right time.


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