The holy grail and Val Codera: Lake Como legends

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The Holy Grail and Val Codera

The Holy Grail and Val CoderaThe Holy Grail has been object of desire for theologians, archaeologists and so on. There are several histories about it, but the question is: if the grail really existed, where is it?

There is a place in Italy where this precious relic could be hidden: we are talking about Val Codera, and more precisely the small town of Novate Mezzola.

According to the legend, the Holy Grail was guarded for five centuries in the Aquae Silus church, in Britannia. At mid-VI century, because of the advance by the heathen army, the keepers decided to safe it by giving it to the Pope in Rome.

Among the keepers there was a priest who, during the trip, was forced to stop on Lake Como because of the invasion by the Langobards: the Grail was got to safety together with the Byzantines on Isola Comacina, formerly called Cristopolis, Time later, the Langobards prevailed against the Byzantines and gave them the island with its treasures…but not the Grail, obviously.

It started a long journey around Lake Como. In 589 it was brought to Piona abbey where it remained until 603; then a keeper moved it towards the mountains, in order to snatch it to the Queen Teodolinda; and then again brought to Colico, into an impassable valet which looks on the lake, the Val Codera, more specifically the so-called Saas Carlash, among the most evocative of the valley.The Holy Grail and Val Codera_1

When the Pope ordered the keepers to get the Grail back, all they found was a stone sweep: a landslide had made the passage unrecognizable and the Grail could not be found.

Nowadays, several people think that it is hidden in the valley.

The Holy Grail and Val Codera: truth or legend? You only have to go and look for it!


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