Isola Comacina. A story of wars and Rationalism surrounded by nature

Lake Como Italy - Isola ComacinaThis is not only an island but also a unique place on Lake Como. It has a glorious past as a powerful island as attested by the presence of numerous religious ruins.
Its story is connected to Federico Barbarossa. During the 12th century, Isola Comacina fought, together with Milan, in the ten-year war against Como. Unfortunately, they were defeated and Barbarossa razed the island to the ground.
In 1900, the island was rediscovered when the King of Belgium donated it to the Italian government. The Academy of Brera in Milan was appointed to defend the archaeological heritage and the beautiful landscape of the island. The academy transformed it into an artists’ colony. Three Houses for Artists were built following Rationalism. The isle can be reached by Taxi-boat from Ossuccio or with one of the steamboats of the Public Navigation Company. The entrance ticket to visit the island includes a visit to the Antiquarian Museum.
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