Ocean’s twelve. The Hollywood’s trio do business on Lake Como

Ocean's twelve

(L-r) MATT DAMON stars as Linus Caldwell, GEORGE CLOONEY stars as Danny Ocean and BRAD PITT stars as Rusty Ryan in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action adventure “Ocean’s Thirteen,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. ( Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Pictures ) ltc

In Ocean’s twelve, directed by Steven Soderbergh, you can see Villa Erba, where Night Fox lives, and Villa Oleandra. Terry Benedict locates all eleven members of Danny Ocean’s gang, demanding they return the $160 million they stole from his casinos plus $38 million interest. Short by half, the group schemes to stage another heist in Europe to avoid problems with United States authorities. Danny and his gang discover the Night Fox is Baron François Toulour, a wealthy businessman who has a mansion on Lake Como. Toulour invites Danny to his mansion and reveals that he had hired Matsui to inform the gang about the certificate in order to arrange the meeting with Danny. Danny and his gang begin to plan an elaborate heist to swap the egg for a holographic recreation, but the engineer hired by the group accidentally tips off Lahiri to their presence, and she captures most of the gang on their first attempt. Linus comes up with a second plan involving Danny’s wife Tess posing as a pregnant Julia Roberts in order to get close to the Egg and swap it. Some time later, Danny and Tess return to Toulour’s estate where he reveals his glee at their failure. The final scenes of the film, in which the primary characters enjoy a private poker session, imply that she and Rusty have re-kindled their relationship.

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