Wine tasting tour around the lake. Experience Lario by taste!

By 14 April 2017Magazine

Wine tasting tour: the story.

This is a story of courage and passion, made of pure love for a territory and its features. Let’s talk about something that is usuallwine tasting toury matched with your meals… sometimes it heals your deepest wounds or simply accompany your romantic nights. Well, we are referring to Wine! 

For many years, the production of this refined drink was destined only to the area close to Milan. Thanks to some ancient documents we can say that the activity of making-wine goes back even to the Romans and Middle Ages. In 1800 the Commissione Ampelografica compiled a list of ten vineyards used to produce Lake Como’s refined wines. It’s surprising the fact that Verdesa , the tipical white wine of the area, was already mentioned by that list.

Tolstoj told the fame of Como and its vineyards. He wrote about its stay in Tavernola, where he experimented a new form of health therapy. At that times the grapes that covered Tavernolas’ hills were used to handle diseases and illnesses. Unfortunately, this fame was early destroyed. Slowly mulberries and their silkworms covered the valleys of Lake Como: it was only the XVIV century when the renowed Lario’s wine disappeared. Exactly ten years ago angular and tired farmers, dressed only by fatigue and sweat, supported by climate, recovered the old wine-producting tradition… The native vine variety restart to germinate!

This week, Vinitaly, the Italian biggest event dedicated to the world of wine, celebrated this story! 36 farms, located in Brianza and around Como, exhibited their 365-days work: 3500 quintals of grapes. This is definitely a niche in the world of wine-excellences in Lombardy. High quality product that shows a strict connection with lands, traditions, families, art and history, but also economic.

It’s difficult to cultivate grapes in an area with extreme temperature’s changes. This gives to the wine a special flavor. Indeed, in 2008, the IGT brand ” Terre Lariane ” has been recognized to the wine of the lake.

The best stops for a wine tasting and sparkling tour around the lake, swimming in the wine, are surely La Valletta Brianza (LC), Montevecchia, Montano Lucino (CO), Domaso (CO) and Sirtori (LC). Domaso, affected positively by the influences of the Valtellina’s viticulture, is flourishexperience lake como by tasteing, as well as Ticino and the shores of Lake Lugano. It’s about a niche production that spans the provinces of Como and Lecco and includes local wines such as Sorsasso, white, red and pink. Although only the white ones, like Domasino, received lots of awards. Today, the desire to discover the wines of the lake has allowed many fans to discover the viticulture in Drezzo and Uggiate Trevano, famous for the precious bottles of merlot. Talking about Montano Lucino you can consider even the chardonnay, merlot and cabernet.

Now begin your wine tasting tour of the lake! Cheers! Let’s toast to Lake Como!

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