Lenno olive oil, an international excellence

In one of the most picturesque areas of Lake Como, the Centro Lago, a multitude of olive trees seems to dive into the lake.

Thanks to the Romans, who brought olive trees to our lake, and to the mildness of the climate, this plantation has been more and more popular in the years, giving a Mediterranean aspect to a northern landscape.

The olive oil produced in this area has always been appreciated for its typicalness, and also Teodolinda queen (the Langobard queen) wanted it on her table.

This ancient tradition has survived and nowadays is proudly carried on in Lenno: since 1850, olive oil is produced with passion and respect for the tradition in an oil mill, and that’s why in 1905, it was given a gold medal during EXPO.

The olive oil produced in Lenno is unique globally, thanks to the harvesting method and the plantations’ improvement.

Its olive scent and its fruity flavora bit spicy but with a taste of artichoke and almond, makes the oil an incomparably outstanding product, wanted and bought even by the most important international chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, who always orders Lake Como olive oil to prepare his recipes.